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  • Have you hugged your Planet?Try it. Share it, give it to those you think the world of. 10% off type in peace please at check out.

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  • Asteroid - fire up you retro-rockets to play our version of this classic arcade game.
  • Hugg-A-Ship (Battleship)
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  • Break Out - Requires Flash 5

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    a line of stars

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    a line of stars

    Hugg-A-Planet Screen Savers

    screen saver image
    Download our FREE Interactive Hugg-An-Alien Screen Saver. You can do more than just watch this screen saver. Use your mouse to toss the Hugg-A-Planet Earth around and watch the alien chase it around. Or, let the alien toss and chase it himself. It's available for both Mac and Windows.

    Hugg-A-Planet Screen Saver for Mac

    Hugg-A-Planet Screen Saver for Windows

    Windows Instructions

    1. Download the screen saver by clicking on the link above (for the Windows screen saver).

    2.Double click on the downloaded file to automatically install the screen saver.

    Macintosh Instructions

    1. Download the screen saver by clicking on the link above (for the Mac screen saver).

    2.Copy the screen saver "HuggAPlanet" to your System Folder. You'll see a message that it needs to be placed in your Control Panels Folder. Click OK and restart your computer.

    a line of stars
    Hugg A Planet